November 1, 2009

What is this blog thingy about?

So the question millions have been asking, What is this? We are two gringo photographers that decided to move to Colombia, South America. Yes, we are not sane. We started this website with the goal of teaching photography with a little humor. We believe that humor has inspirational aspects and we plan to exploit them. We will take you on our professional photo shoots, as well as our personal projects. We will share almost every aspect of the shoots, the bad, the crappy and the disastrous. We will also show some of the good stuff along the way. So sit back, relax, enjoy and learn as we go into the unknown armed with our photo gear and our powerful Canon SD750 as our video camera! YES, I said Canon SD750!

So what is this?

Honestly, it's really a way for our moms to see that we actually work sometimes !!

Lighten up!! We're two guys who love to shoot!! Paid or not!!

Andy: he's still trying to figure at what to say about himself; so we will just leave this blank.


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