March 31, 2010

New Addition to the Backpacker's Studio


The new Strap. We know a little expensive for a strap but I'm telling you its like Tivo (DVR thingy), until you get it, you don't know how you lived without it! Trust us on this. It's freakin awesome!

Buy from by clicking here or Buy from by clicking here!

Mikey and Andy

March 8, 2010

Lightenupandshooters!!!! THANKS FOR COMING OUT!!!!!


Andy and I invited photographers from Anaheim, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville to shoot with us over the past three weeks.  The turn out was more than we expected and we can't thank everyone enough.  Stay tuned for more lightenupandshoot videos and events!  Until next time, Lighten Up and SHOOT!!!!!!


PS  Andy and I would love to see your pictures on our flickr and facebook pages.

March 3, 2010

*** Lightenupandshoot will be in Jacksonville, FL March 5 - 6 ***


Andy and I have three awesome events this weekend and a special guest appearance from our favorite lighting company!!!!!

1st Street Photography Shoot in downtown Jax.  No model provided because we are going to hit the streets in search of a model to shoot.  3 pm March 5th

2nd  Creative Lighting Workshop at  We will cover studio lighting tips and tricks from 9:30am -  1:00pm.  This is limited to a small group of photographers with knowledge of flash.  Check for details on how to sign up.  Or visit our facebook to see how to sign up for the event.

3rd  Photo-Shoot-Together which is open to everyone at 3:00pm at the Pier in Jacksonville Beach.  The last two Photo-Shoot-Togethers have been awesome.  We cover anything you want to go over during a shoot with models.  Everyone goes home with an awesome shot!

Lighten up and come see us!

March 1, 2010

Meet the coolest president of any camera company!

Meet the coolest President of any camera company: not only because he likes us...his vision on photography really is in line with the lightenupandshoot philosophy!