February 25, 2010

Photoshootogether in St. Pete/Tampa, FL - Feb. 28th, 2010


Ok, so after the great turn out we had in Anaheim, we decided to do a round two in Florida. From one coast to the other...lightenupandshoot style!

In any case, here's the scoop! We have a couple models, we have a lot of time and we have a lot of desire to meet you people...so what better thing to do, than do a photoshoot and invite everyone that wants to go and make this all FREE! (Ok, not everyone but about 20 people max I would say).

HOTEL info too!!!!!

Also!!!!!  We will be in Jacksonville Saturday March 6th...Location TBD

More info after the break..

February 6, 2010

Aperture Controls Flash Exposure - PLUS Behind the Scenes - lightenupandshoot.com


Andy and I cover the basics of how aperture controls flash exposure. Simply put, aperture controls the exposure of whatever your flash is hitting. For example, if your subject is over exposed by one stop at f5.6 you are going to close down your aperture to f8.  Andy and I demonstrate how to get proper exposure of our subject while taking pictures of a model in the studio.  Also,  shutter speed controls the ambient light or any continuous light source, i.e. sun, candle, light bulb (watch the Speed Light Series on this site for more detailed information.)  As always,  lightenupandshoot!

Photo examples after the break!

February 5, 2010

Backlighting with the Sun - Shutter Speed Controls Ambient Light - Lightenupandshoot.com


Here's a quick walk-through of two scenarios where I use the sun to to backlight my subject. I usually start with a natural light shot before I resort to using a flash.  Using flash will give you the ability to control the background/ambient light (shutter speed controls ambient light) while properly illuminating your subject with flash (aperture controls flash exposure.)

Photo examples after the break: