November 14, 2009


Ok folks hold on to your hats!! Michael is leaving to the good o'le US of A and he decided in his crazy blonde head that he wanted to give a free speedlight workshop to the first 12 people that are interested.

So the details are:

Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg (meetup in the Vinoy Hotel lobby) at 2PM on Saturday November 21, 2009.

The main points of the workshop are teaching the basics and fundamentals of speedlight photography. You will all have a chance to shoot, so bring your cameras, speedlights and triggers. It will be fun.

If you are going to attend, please leave a comment saying you will be there. First 12 people ONLY!!! That way he has time to answer all of your questions!!

Map after the break...

Directly from Google Maps:

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Vinoy Park Hotel
501 5th Ave. NE,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Here's a wiki on it

Ok, so it's free, don't freak out we aren't selling anything!!!!! But if anyone wants to bring me Pistachio's I am not complaining. They are so expensive in Colombia that you would not believe it if I told you the price!!!

See you there, not me...I meant Michael. Oh, last thought, if any of you are the crazy killer type, this event has been cancelled!! Unless you will bring Pistachio's then you can come!!


  1. My friend and I are going to try our best to make it out, sounds like alot of fun.

  2. Awesome! Jake and friend...I hope you guys can make it to the workshop. It will be a lot of fun. Give us all a little run down on you guys...what kind of gear do you have? Using speedlights? Any cool pics that you would like to share? Questions?


  3. My name is Jake, my friends is Jeff, and we have been shooting for a little less then a year now. We both shoot with Nikon D40's and have a few speedlights, a couple small umbrellas and a softbox. You can check out our Flickr galleries if you want to see our work:


  4. Hello Michael,

    I'll try to make it ... took a look at your Blog ... looks like this could be fun ... I like to Syn as much as possible with other Photogs ...

    I'm not much of a blogger ... here's my Flickr page

    See you at Vinoy


  5. Michael,
    Hi, how are you? awesome site in the works here, just stumbled upon it yesterday actually. Count me and my wife in for sure. We will be coming from just north of orlando but Im stoked about a chance to work with you.
    A little about us: Ive shot concerts and events since 99, with a few year break from any pro work and I am slowly getting back into it. My wife is learning the craft from scratch. I have extensive knowledge with theatrical lighting but am just getting going on the strobist mindset so I will be learning a bunch I am sure. Equipment will be d700, d100, 2 or 3 SB600s, sb28, sb50dx, stands, umbrellas, gels and various other gak, with any luck my wireless triggers will arrive before the shoot, but not sure on that one. www dot showfocus dot net has some of our work, but most all of it is available light stuff, hoping to change that soon!

  6. Brian,

    Man! Thanks for sharing! You gonna tote all the gear to St Pete? That would be cool! We should do a shoot with all the speedlights that show up Nov 21. Let's light up the Vinoy Hotel with like 100 speedlights. That would be a first!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey Michael,

    Just created my Blogger account, as I was under Anonymous.

    I am going to try and be there, I use Canon 50D's, 580EXII @ 430EXII ... have the new PW FlexTT5's ... Long story on those....

    Just recently went TTL ... was a control freak Manual guy for years ... but wanted to start using more TTL for Run-n-Gun weddings ...

    You can see my images on the FlicR page:
    or more on my website

    ...hope to be seeing you all there on Saturday ...

  8. Michael,
    Ill drag whatever gear I can get my hands on over there, not gonna do any good sitting on the shelf...... who knows might even find some pistachios for ya! hmmmmm 100 lights in the hotel would be awesome, I used to do corporate events in hotels like this, there are always awesome pillars and drapery for uplighting and completely changing a rooms look with nothing but gel and light. On a side note for anyone reading LDI the theatrical lighting convention is in orlando this same weekend, it has some photo related companies such as Lee filters that will be there but its really a great place to go for inspiration and to snag free gel sample books that fit perfectly on strobes goggle ldi orlando for details

  9. Great thing you are doing, free workshop, sure wish I was in FL!

    You guys are HILARIOUS! Thanks for the great laugh, the whole make pretend butt grabbing cracked me up! :) haha

  10. I wish I could be there this weekend but I promised a friend that I'd go to her gallery opening! You have both inspired me to start using manual off camera flash, I'm LOVING the results. I think your videos are the best of the best for a supplement to learning by doing! Keep up the great work! If ever come up to Buffalo NY and need a place to stay your always welcome!

  11. Hi Michael,

    I will also be attending. On Saturday if there is still room. I am shooting with a Canon XSi and some Cactus triggers. I have been shooting for almost 2 years now, but have gotten into off camera flash a little over a year.


  12. Hey i'll come if i can find a flight!

  13. Andy,

    I'm sorry, apparently there is a pistachio shortage in the US. Something to do with bugs that were eating the bushes in Saudi Arabia. Sorry, no pistachios at Publix or Sams Club.


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  15. Andy and I both agreed that it is better not to have more than 12 people in the workshop. I would love to have more but it would be too hard to teach with more than 12 people. So, we have a total of 8 so far. Please comment if you are coming. I will update the numbers as people post. Thanks!!!!

    Join the flickr group and start posting!


  16. Dear Michael,

    Glad you made it to the states alright, what I can tell you is that you will not make it back to Colombia alright if you do not show up with Pistachio's.

    I will trade your Nikon 105 f/2 for a bag of pistachio's.

    Have a good time!


  17. I will see you guys in tampa. I spend Time in Medellin Myself so I know 100% why your there.

  18. Save me the trip if I am not one of the 12 . You can Email at

  19. Eddie,

    You can come if you bring pistachios and jump


    You're in!

  20. i'll be there! I shoot w/ a nikon d90, cybersyncs and 5 speedlights (3 sb-600s and 2 vivitar 285hvs)


  21. Update! We have 10 people. There is room for only 2 more people. Please let us know if you can't make it so others can join. I would love it if we have exactly 12 people.

    What to bring and about the workshop:

    -speedlights, triggers, camera, modifiers, alignment chart etc.
    -pen and paper if you want to take notes

    about the workshop:
    -we will cover the basics of off camera flash
    (shutter speed, aperture, flash to subject, etc)
    -light modifiers
    -different lighting techniques
    -2 hours of tech talk and then 2 hours of shooting with a model...maybe two models
    -we will eat Andy's pistachios and video tape it
    -we will experiment and have fun!


  22. Who is bringing the Vallenato group for back ground Music?

  23. Update. This going to be too much fun! The workshop may go until the wee hours! After the workshop let's all hit the streets of downtown St Pete and find model in 5 words or less!

  24. I shoot with one Canon 580exII speedlight through a soft box with the lame intrared signal(not much longer gotta get a radio trigger)canon Xsi with 70-200 L and a 24-70L .

  25. Sounds like a fun trip into St Pete afterwords, Wife and I booked a room so we are good to go. FYI she speaks spanish so we can try to find models in 5 spanish words or less in Tampa:)

  26. Can't make the Tampa shoot... but I gotta say.... what a great blog. I am actually not watching Bonanza reruns this afternoon so that I can work through your videos. You guys could really have a cable channel with this stuff.

    Bob Keenan

  27. You want me to bring some models?

  28. Bob,

    Bonanza...Lorne Greene rocks! I'll never be that cool. Cable TV show? you have any connects in the business?


    Bring a model if they have a great attitude and don't mind a bunch of chatting going on about aperture, etc. That would be awesome!


  29. Update! Vinoy Park is going to be crazy because there are two events tomorrow. Parking will be a problem. I'm sorry, I didn't know.

    But, I found a better spot where we can chill and take photos. Great location for fotos: Cafe Alma. It's near the Vinoy so don't panic. Info: 260 1st Ave South Ste 100, St Petersburg, FL 33701. Telephone: 727-502-5002

  30. Hey, can't wait to meet you man. See you tomorrow! Is there a way to contact you when I get off the plane? Maybe I missed it somewhere?

  31. So 2 pm at cafe alma is the meeting correct? I want to make sure the pistachio delivery goes as planned:)

  32. Hey everybody. Well, I don't have a cell phone in good ole US of A. But, I do have a temporary skype number while in Florida. You can call me at 727.369.6978. This will go to my computer. So, I will be hanging out by the computer up until 2:00pm when I will go to Cafe Alma. Here is a link to google maps:

    727.369.6978 is my number in Florida

    727.502.2002 is the number to Cafe Alma

    260 1st Ave South Ste 100, St Petersburg, FL 33701

    Get ready to lighten up and shoot!


    If you are lost, late or you just need someone to talk to call 727.369-6978

    and I will help you!!

    Don't forget the pistachio's!!


  34. Awesome time guys, thanks for the chance to learn from you Michael! I'll send out the contact list as soon as I get a chance

  35. Hey guys, have had loada fun watching the videos, donated for some pistachios to watch the live event which I enjoyed too. Keep up the good work, I've learnt a few things about how to KISS (keep it simple ...) here and will be poking my head in now and then to see what you're up to!