November 17, 2009

Bee-Hind The Scenes - El Retiro

So we decided to post a behind the scenes video of this past weekend. We should be working on the final two speedlight series videos, but being a 3 day weekend here in Colombia (seems like there is one twice a week) we decided to take a bus trip to El Retiro. In car it's about 30 minutes from Medellin, but by bus it is an amazingly long 2 hour journey. Especially when there are no seats available on the bus and you must stand most of the way!!

We really just want to show you a little bit  of how simply amazing Colombia is and what an amazing time you can have with a 4500 peso ($2.20US) bus fare.

While we where there we took some pictures and we got the inspiration for another video that will be published shortly "Not Two But Nun". So stay tuned...or you WILL go to hell!!

On another note, Michael leaves to the states tomorrow and their are still a few spaces left for his free speedlight workshop. So if you can't make it, tell someone who might be able to.

Our great money making idea number 9,783 after the break...

So we started uploading the recreating the sun video and we thought of getting some tshirts made for us with some whacked quotes from some of our videos.

So the million dollar question.

Should we put a link to our cafepress page? Would any of you be interested. I don't want to sound like I'm selling anything, but if anyone is interested I will post the link.

Leave a comment and let me know!!!

Although this video has little to do with teaching, hopefully it inspires someone to go out and do a little shooting!! Even if it is of killer bee's!! Or idiot blonde sidekicks eating weird fruits!! Just go shoot!! Stop wasting all this time in front of your computer, tv, playstation or taking your wife to the movies and go shoot!!

The routine hasn't changed, leave a comment, tell a friend or 102,340 of them and go shoot...or if you are about to go to bed...dream of shooting something!!

Bon Voyage Michael, vaya con Dios mi amigo!!! And bring Pistachio's!!!!!


  1. I'm curious as to what lens was used to take the shot of the Nuns?

  2. Tokina 11-16 2.8

    That was the first time I have used that lens. You have to be careful with getting your subject too close to the edges (major distortion). Check out the shot of the girl with the balloon (her feet are bigger than her head). It also produces a nice contrast (I could not believe how blue the sky went! that is not photoshop)

  3. Thanks so much. I'm shooting with the Nikon D700 and I'm on a quest for a fast, sharp wide angle lens without the $1,700 price tag of the 17-35m 2.8.

  4. Anonymous, just know that with the Tokina, you'll only be able to use it at 15mm and 16mm without a circle showing up in your frame. It's a DX lens..but extremely sharp.

    We just got this lens back after lending it to a photographer for 2 months who also shoots with a D700 and she loved it!!

    Just FYI, if you want the best the 14-24mm is the way to go...but the price just sucks!!!


  5. I actually rented the 14-24 before and it does rock. I guess I'll be breaking the piggy bank. Thanks again for your input. Keep up the good work with the blog.

  6. Awesome.

    I know one day I will be disappointed when I log on and there is no new post but until then I want to say that you guys are a blast. Thoroughly enjoy your blog and the information is awesome. I have been inspired and you have taught me many new things to try out each day.

    Keep it up and get some beano!

  7. "get some beano!" jajajajaja!

    I love it!

  8. Aggiecj,

    Don't worry we have enough ideas to last 3 life times...Although this week will be a little slow because Michael is in the States, but I think we can squeeze one video out!!!

    Keep watching!!!

  9. Did anyone notice that I need a lesson in rhythm?

  10. Love these videos Michael and Andy, it's what got me into trying off camera flash!! I'm helping to spread the word for ya too!

    Btw Michael, do you ever use a hand held flash meter or are you just going by experience?

  11. CamLS,

    Thanks! Great to hear we are influencing people to get into flash!

    Andy and I have two more videos to put out on speedlights: flash to subject distance and ISO. These will be more in depth and we will answer your question as to why our flash meter is collecting dust.


  12. Enough to last 3 lifetimes. That is good to hear. Just ordered 2 additional speedlights, lightstands and brackets with umbrella's. Saw you use a Westcott Softbox. Which one do you use and why? Oh and count me in for a shirt! I think either a top 10 things overheard on or maybe top 5 phrases to know in Medellin.

    Have a safe trip Michael, wish it was Houston.

    Best Regards.

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  14. Aggiecj,

    Enough to last 3 life times, actually there is soo much to do in Colombia that it might be even more!!!

    We use the Westcott 28" Apollo Kit (comes with umbrella bracket) and the Westcott Apollo 50". Westcott Softboxes are our preferred softboxes for the speedlights because of two reasons. The first is portability. They are umbrella frame so they open and close like an umbrella which is so freakin awesome you do not understand. It's like Tivo, when you first hear about it you're like...OK, but then you use it and peeing during a movie is never the same. You get my point.

    The second reason is quality. We are a little hard on all our gear ( hint never buy anything used from us on Ebay) and these westcotts have not left us down.

    We highly and I mean highly recommend them. You hear that Westcott, any softboxes for the free advertising you can send our way they can be used we don't care!!

    The shirts we were thinking funny phrases from some of the videos like "te gustaria tomar foto", bring pistachios, butt light...stuff like that. I'll keep you posted as soon as we have them available.

    Keep reading...but more importantly shooting!!!


    Houston to Tampa is a nice drive!!!

  15. good shoot. I like the low angles. the girl with the dress shot is lovely!

  16. For the shot of the guy with the ball on his head. Are you using a tungsten white balance?

  17. Steve,

    No tungsten white balance. Sunny setting. That wide angle is very contrasty!


  18. I'd love to have a t-shirt with the "It's better to be Steve McQueen than a turtle" quote!
    And your videos are awesome! I really wished I had some money to go buy a couple of speedlights.
    But beeing a student sucks. I guess I'll have to wait till I get a raise, at my job, when I turn 18.

  19. Mikkel, great idea for a shirt!!! That Lorena I tell you!!

    Don't worry as long as you have a camera you can make amazing need for flash natural light is the best light!!!

    Keep following us and posting...we'll have more videos up shortly!!


  20. I know, and I'm really fond of the D40 that I've got.
    Not to try to promote myself, but I've put up a couple of pictures here:
    and here:

  21. Hey guys, can i get the same kind of pics with a shoot through umbrella? I haven't tried yet.

  22. Anthony,

    did you sign up to our posts? we will be personally answering your lighting questions to our members. You will also get a newsletter that will be full of information like cheat sheets and lighting diagrams you can print.

    We will shoot some video using umbrellas next week!