May 11, 2010

New Website is up! Please HELP!!!!!

Hello all you lightenupandshooters! For the past couple of months we have been working on a new website.

The blog has been extremely friendly to us, but we decided that since lightenupandshoot is more of a philosophy instead of just Mikey and Andy, we needed a place with more interaction.

The site is still in BETA, although very close to being finished. Everything is working including registration!

All suggestions are welcome, good or bad.

Our main goal is easy navigation, we know with the blog it is sometimes hard to find articles. Let us know if the layout is pleasing and everything is easy to find.

We also wanted to include a forum so that there could be more community interaction. You must register to use the forum, this way we can kick anyone out that is being unproductive to the rest of us! Let us know if there is a topic that you would like, or if we have to many. Again, any suggestion is positively received!

Thanks for being lightenupandshooters!

New Website : The New Lightenupandshoot Website CLICK HERE

Andy & Mikey

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