March 8, 2010

Lightenupandshooters!!!! THANKS FOR COMING OUT!!!!!

Andy and I invited photographers from Anaheim, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville to shoot with us over the past three weeks.  The turn out was more than we expected and we can't thank everyone enough.  Stay tuned for more lightenupandshoot videos and events!  Until next time, Lighten Up and SHOOT!!!!!!


PS  Andy and I would love to see your pictures on our flickr and facebook pages.


  1. Dude YOU GUYS ROCK !!! I had Such a Blast with you guys, you guys are my new best friends :) I rocked hard with you guys for 2 cities, and look forward to more. I forgot you asked me about my backpacker studio on video that was so funny lol
    I have learned a lot from you guys...

    Thanks Andy & Mikey

    Roland Smith

  2. Once again, great meeting you guys when you were in Anaheim. I second what Roland said - YOU GUYS ROCK :)

  3. I third that; YOU GUYS ROCK. Thanks so much for having us, Mike and Andy. I'm sorry I had to leave early. My foot was broken, and it just hurt way too bad with all the walking and standing to stay out any later.

    We all had a blast, and people are still talking about you guys and all they learned. Let us know when you're in the Tampa Bay area again.

  4. What the heck, where have you guys been. It has been 11 days and counting since last heard from. Worried maybe Mikey is in the hospital with a rash from using the wrong leaves. You guys have truly motivated me (and caused me to spend a lot of money). Y'all have reawakeed the creative juices in my shooting and I love it.

  5. Dudes, post something! Where are you? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, including NOT lightening up and shooting!

  6. Hope allis alright. Gonna lose a lot of folks being stagnant. We need some updates to let us know you're alive!

  7. All ok out there? You gotta come back and post more videos here. I was inspired to go out and get RF602's to fire my flash units. (I know, cheap but I am financially challenged.) Going to make a softbox next!