January 12, 2010

The Free Running Shoot! Crapola, Crapola, Crapola!

Curse you nap time, because of you we screwed up!  Not to say there aren't some cool shots, just not what we planned...and that sucks! Ok, frustration rant over, lesson learned, here's what happened...

Photos, the rest of the story and where you can comment cursing nap time after the break!!


So first thing is first!!


We made a very bad call and changed locations right before the photo shoot! Normally this is not a big deal, but with these action shots...horrible decision. Can you believe all this bad stuff because of nap time! For some weird reason we couldn't find a good angle, we're usually good at this stuff but this day it just wasn't working. We kept referring to the other location and I think that had something to do with it - we mentally blocked ourselves!

The point we want to make is that pros, amateurs and beginners all screw up...hello we're human! So don't be to hard on yourselves if your pictures don't come out as cool as you'd like. Crap happens and life goes on! You live, you learn and hopefully you do not repeat!

Luckily this was not a paid shoot, or we would be in hot water!

Here are a few of our best shots:

And the new parkur master:

So a very and I mean very big thank you to Paulo for taking the time to shoot with us.

Here is our multiplicty shot, the camera was set to 5 frames per second, strobes at 1/16th power. Worked out well, although not the coolest of the cool. We'll make up for all of this on friday.

Just to let everyone know, he is for hire. He has a company that specializes in extreme sport exhibitions. So if you are looking for an amazing show that will be sure to amaze everyone, he's your guy.

Paulo Andres Escobar
Cellphone number: +57 (310) 490 - 0891
Facebook: Raices Misticas
Email: pablomercho@hotmail.com

Go ahead, comment on how nap time sucks. Actually everyone should post a little story of a shoot that they screwed up!! Maybe it would make us feel better!!

If anyone wants the shooting diagrams for any of the shots, let us know and we'll post them along with camera settings!!


  1. Nap time is awful. Those pics are pretty cool!

  2. Loved the multiplicity setup I gotta give that a go, really enjoying your vids

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  4. Hani,

    That was funny!!!! "Lighten up and reshoot!"

    Andy and I love the comment

  5. Hey guys, great post. Glad to hear it is ok for even the pros to be human!

    I would love to see the lighting diagrams and camera settings for these. The Muliplicity shot is very cool.

  6. I would love to see the settings on the mutiplicity shots in particular, been looking to get try this sometime for awhile now!

  7. At least it wasn't a wedding. Hell hath no fury like a bride with bad (or no) pictures. Great idea, I'm looking forward to the video of the re-shoot.

    There is, after all, the old motto:

    "We do it nice, cuz we do it twice!"

    Cheers guys!

  8. as Joe McNally says "invite your mistakes to dinner"

  9. Just to let you know. You have propelled my photography by miles with your videos on what affects light (shutter = ambient, aperture = flash, etc. ) No one explained it like you do. I have an engagement shoot this afternoon and I'm hoping that I can use my new found techniques. Thanks!

    And when your mistakes look intentional ... you're awesome!

  10. Keith (whiskers)said,

    Very interesting video, its brave of you to share the mistakes. I reckon there is hope for me yet!!

  11. Mikey and Andy,

    Glad you like the comment "lighten up and re-shoot"

    I, of course, meant it as joke and glad to see you took it that way. People are little too sensitive on photography blogs and fora .. but not here, i guess

    keep up the great work and thanks for keeping it light

  12. I think that last comment rings so true to the concept of lighten up and shoot. I take it more on the attitude of shooting more than the gear itself. I was telling another photographer
    the other day I subscribe to the Lighten up and shoot way of shooting. For me it has so much to do with the attitude than gear. I feel Michael and andy get it more than any other so called professionals I met.

  13. I really like the last photo, something I have yet to attempt.

    We are screw up, I know I do on a daily basis! *LOL*

  14. Great little video, and good to see you admit when you've cocked up.

    Thanks for making an understandable blog for us normal people ;)

  15. Hey Mike and Andy! I have only recently discovered your blog and vids and I gotta say they are awesome. Your "way" really rings my bell and I have got so much from watching you guys. I also would love to see the diagrams etc
    cheers dudes thanks for keepng it real

    Ian from Liverpool UK

  16. Man! I have not purchased some triggers yet! I so want to do that! If there was no ambient light, would 1/32 @ 2.8 work you think our of curiosity?

  17. Robert,

    You are definitely going to light something up if there is no ambient at 1/32 power. But, remember that there are 5 variables that make proper exposure. You mentioned 2 of them (shutter and aperture)...what about flash power, flash to subject distance and ISO?


  18. Robert,

    let me correct myself: shutter speed controls ambient light. So, if there is no ambient light it doesn't matter which shutter speed you use (as long as you don't go beyond your camera's sync speed (most cameras 1/250 sec)) Comprende?


  19. Hello Everyone!!

    Ok your wish is our command! Shooting diagrams will be updated for all of these pictures!

    Today is our lightenupandshooot reshoot (Thanks Hani), so hopefully all will go well. We'll let you know!


  20. Dont forget the exif data , please!

    loving it who needs broncolor!

  21. Is he related to Pablo Escobar? hehe