December 11, 2009 WEBINAR Dec. 17th, 2009 8:00PM EST

Andy and I are hosting a Webinar for 75 attendees December 17 at 8:00PM EST. The Webinar will cover: tips and tricks on how to approach people and how to take better shots, learn what inspires us, we'll break down the 5 variables of exposure, discuss how to spontaneously find a model and location, talk about how less is more, the importance of blogging and promoting yourself, and a few other surprises. Lastly, we will also answer questions for the attendees.

**Update:  we have some really cool stuff to give away!!!**


  1. Thank you guys for hosting this! I Signed up last night, and reposted to twitter/facebook. It's going to be awesome!

    Can't wait,


    P.S. Michael just saw your wedding blog, VERY COOL!

  2. Roll on! should be a good webinar and I cant wait!

  3. I would like to cover the cost of attending but i signed up early and there wasn't a cost then, how much is the cost per person?


    I went out and took some christmas lights inspired pictures tonight..but my pc sync cord wasn't working ..awesome trigger will be here tomorrow :)

    I posted one of the shoots to the LU&S flikr pool.

  4. Will,

    Oh yeah it's going to be great. We have brainstormed all week and aren't going to stop until thursday at 7:59PM to tell you guys everything we feel would make you better photographers!! Thanks for advertising!!!

    J. DiGennaro,

    Saw the picture on the flickr group about two minutes ago. Flash is great, but available light is awesome!!

    Also, do not worry about the cost to attend. The first 20 where free and if you were one of them...excellent and welcome aboard!!! We are only charging donations because we want to get as many of our followers in and the webinar site charges us for everyone over 20.

    So guys/gals there is still some room for the sign up!!!!

    Keep following...more to come soon!!!

    We are going to film a natural light shoot tomorrow!!!


  5. Yeah..i agree thats why i went with the long shutter time because it taken around 830

  6. Great idea for the webinar. I've signed up for it but now I'm not sure if I'll be able to attend. Will it be recorded for later viewing?

  7. Grrrrrrrr I wish I could join in !!! I'm sooooooooooo jealous of all of you that will be doing this on Thursday.....elas, I'll be in Canada with my family.

    Wowzers, you already have 104 followers!!! That's AWESOME guys!!!

    Alright, you all are going to forget all about me in a few weeks! You'll be like "Carole who?? " *LOL*

    Good luck with the Webinar!! :)

    p.s. I'm getting TWO SB-24 for FREE from a friend up in Canada! She's got no use for them, one has the letters rubbed off (works beautifully though) and the other needs a good battery contact cleaning (which I'm not sure how reliable it'll be but still, can't beat FREE!!).

  8. Carole:

    A very effective and cheap way to do a battery contact cleaning is to use lemmon juice and cotton swabs.

    Just squeeze some juice out of them and dip the swab in it, then clean the contacts.

    Usually, this gets rid of the chemical buildup in the contacts developed by the batteries over time. And dont worry, it wont affect your flashes' performance negatively, but it just may improve the stamina of your batteries, making them last longer.


    Will the webinar be available later on as a video or something for those of us who attend and would like to go through it again once more? Or is it just One Night Only thing?

    Cheers to you and Michael and see you on Thursday!

  9. Looking forward to it, I finally won an SB28 for £90($146).
    I would be right in saying the webinar is -5 Hours from GMT, so 1am my time?
    Good idea re making a copy of the webinar, perhaps a paypal donation to access it.
    Nice work guys..

  10. Really looking forward to the webinar and the natural light shoot, considering natural is all I can afford at this point.

  11. dodegkr - yes i belive thats correct for us in the UK.

  12. Wish I could make it but will be out in the woods hunting all weekend. Not to worry bringing the camera. May try to set a flash up in a tree and catch some wild life will let you know if it works.