July 2, 2010

How to find a model in five words! Episode 3

We did it, well sort of. Not the best shots we've ever taken but some keepers. Michael has been hitting the Rosetta Stone a little harder than expected and used a couple more than five words. We actually got some people to pose and jump which was great so don't be too harsh! In any case, the main point behind this video is to show that you shouldn't put any barriers between you and taking pictures. We are in a foreign country, we speak barely any spanish, and taking pictures of people on the street is just not common, but even that is not going to stop us from taking pictures. You don't need hours of preparation, a professional model, a ton of photo gear or even a good day. Just lighten up and shoot!!!

Click on Read More for technical info and pictures of the shoot !!

Our Backpack Studio consists of:

Nikon D300 set at ISO 400 and 60th of a second
Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 at f/4.5
Nikon SB-28 Speedlight set at 1/8 of power approximately 2 feet from the subject.
Cyber sync flash triggers
Westcott Apollo Softbox 28"
Manfrotto Umbrella Bracket
Avenger Light Stands

What we missed:

We thought we would have more time with each model, but they were not as cooperative as we'd like so taking a lot of shots was totally out of the question. We should have used a reflector on the opposite side to give some fill. We also thought that if we setup somewhere with great composition the "models" would just walk by and we would talk to them and convince on the spot, didn't happen. We actually had to chase them around Parque Lleras so our composition was a little off. Live and learn...what can we say.

Lighten up and enjoy the shots!!!


  1. LOVE THIS, we all need a new video each day!

  2. More please. About time photography removed its iron bar from its digital backside.

  3. I like it--real nice :)

  4. Guys say I have $250 to spend on OCL, what equipment to you recommend me to buy to achieve decent lit photos?

  5. this is great.. you guys rock i will be following

  6. Anonymous: at first I was like, "what the hell is OCL?" Off Camera Luz! I got it. My suggestion:
    1. find any flash that you could use in manual mode (full power, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 16, etc). Craigs, ebay, amazon for a used flash. I love the Nikon SB's because they have a PC port on the side of them. $120

    2. triggers: ebay triggers for $40 for the pair. They did not work that well for me because they don't always fire. But, there are some good DIY mods listed on youtube that might help that problem.

    3. Buy a cheapo light stand (maybe used on craigs), umbrella bracket, 60" shoot through umbrella and cold shoe adaptor. Total: $100

    There you go! OFC setup for $250

    Good luck! Down the road: get a decent set of triggers. YOu don't want to miss a good shot because your ebay triggers decided not to fire.


  7. You guys are hilarious, but seriously kick your videographer in the ass and get him a merlin steadicam rig or something... hard to follow your video without nausea.

  8. jajaja...Anoymous: we use a canon powershot. We love it because it fits in our pocket. Thanks for the comment.

  9. cool.
    but how do model release forms work if you don't speak the language all that well?

  10. the owners of bang bus.i was not expecting that.I actually lol-ed
    Keep up the vids.

  11. Hi Guys,

    you are great, thank you for doing this!

    Plese keep it coming...!

  12. you guys are serously funny, keep going with the videos!

  13. Awesomne dudes! Love your work, would love to shoot with you guys.

  14. So did you email the models their pics?

  15. Wow guys I'm impressed: that takes some balls, and more so in Colombia.


    ian (in Bogotá)

  16. the one of the girl jumping was best IMHO

  17. First of all, learn proper ways to cold approach people. Don't approach from behind. That's the easiest way for women to reject you, it gives off a bad "creepy" vibe. A better way to do this, open them over your shoulder, or 45 degrees to them.

    I know what works and what doesn't. I live with a dating coach instructor.

    Photography is about building rapport with people, and yeah the language barrier can be an obstacle. What you guys DID do right was make them laugh. Laughter is powerful for connectioin. This puts your subject at ease.